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Sweeter Dreams

A new multimedia play by Duncan Pflaster

It's about Luisa Lambert, an independent filmmaker, and the two men she's in love with: Brad, the handsome young actor who appears shirtless in all her movies, and Thomas, her solid and well-meaning husband. Meanwhile, TV Film Critic Roberta LeFay seems to have it in for Luisa's new circus movie Ricky the Geek, which stars Brad, who is set to be a breakout movie star with a new role in a Spielberg film.

Sweeter Dreams had 8 performances in the 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at the Gene Frankel Theater June 2011. It starred Scott Freeman, Clara Barton Green, Heather Lee Rogers, and Douglas Rossi.

The stage play featured filmed clips from Luisa's movies, Roberta's TV show and more, filmed, directed, and edited by Christopher C. Cariker of Hanging Hammer Productions. The movie clips can be seen on his site.

It won two awards in the PCTF Awards, Clara Barton Green as Outstanding Supporting Actress, and Douglas Rossi as Outstanding Supporting Actor.

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