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The Taint of Equality, or I Want Your Sex, a new Gay Farce from award-winning playwright Duncan Pflaster

Adrian and Javier are a gay couple who don't believe in marriage- but everyone assumes they're married. When they realize they've never actually opened up their "open relationship", they decide to each go out and get laid, with hilarious and erotic results. The play is an entertaining send-up of modern Gay life and relationships that tackles drug use, Dan Savage, racism, showtunes, porn, Grindr, public sex, and much much more...

Content Warning: Ribald Sex Comedy, Extremely Homosexual Situations, and a Naked Busby Berkeley-style Dance Number.

You can buy and read the script online at Indie Theatre Now!

The first full production of The Taint of Equality, or I Want Your Sex had 6 performances as part of the 2012 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, directed by the author. The production starred a large cast of 13 men: Roberto Alexander, Juan Carlos Diaz*, Joe Fanelli (Winner, Best Featured Actor Spotlight On Award for Pflaster's "Eternity: Time Without End"), Mark-Eugene Garcia, Colin Godwin, Derrick Bryant Marshall, Shawn McLaughlin, Alan McNaney*, Rehmat Qadir, Jon Rentler, Marvin Riggins, Jr.*, Adam Samtur, and David T. Zimmerman
* indicates member of Actors' Equity Association

Fight Choreography: Christopher C. Cariker, Dance Choreography: David Baxter, Tech: Vin Macri

In the PCTF Awards, Roberto Alexander won Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Duncan won for Outstanding Sound Design.

The original cast of The Taint of Equality, or I Want Your Sex
The original cast of The Taint of Equality, or I Want Your Sex
Photo by McNaney Photography

Review of The Taint of Equality, or I Want Your Sex on The Happiest Medium! "Duncan Pflaster is proving quite the prolific comedic playwright in recent years, with upwards of thirteen works written and produced, several of them award winners, not to mention numerous skits and sketches for various venues. Even then, he freely admits that one of his most recent works, The Taint of Equality, or I Want Your Sex, was likely the fastest in writing itself- if such can ever be said of this recalcitrant form. There is some sense of this fluid ease carried forward in the production playing at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity this year, and it may be down to the fact that Pflaster himself is directing. As author he knows distinctly the feeling he is trying to conjure and adroitly directs his cast accordingly. The result is a romping, light-hearted piece in a farcical vein, with some sturdy, crowd-pleasing muscle."

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