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"The Thyme of the Season picks up 3 months after A Midsummer Night's Dream left off. Dream ends with everyone getting what they "want" and living happily ever after... at least by the standards of Medieval morality plays. Pflaster has taken this ending and, with a light sprinkling of modern thinking and imagination, come up with new misadventures for the couples (faerie as well as human) to struggle with - truly giving the audience something to think about in terms of what it means to be happy if you really become aware of who you are and who you would really want to be. (...) Ultimately, The Thyme of the Season succeeds in what it sets out to do – it’s a great, colorful and worthy successor to the "prequel". From the costumes (Mark Richard Caswell), to the clever dialogue which stays faithful to the period while still advocating modern ideals (without creating jarring anachronisms). While fans of Shakespeare will recognize a lot of themes, you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the original to thoroughly enjoy this tale... moniker of "sequel" aside, Thyme is well developed enough to stand on its own and is an enjoyable piece of theatre. Definitely make the thyme to see it." - Stephen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

BOTTOM LINE: A witty, edgy, and thoroughly entertaining return to Athens’ forest that does the original play justice. (...) The dialogue simulates Shakespearean verse with the occasional hilarious veer into modern language. (...)Another great aspect of The Thyme of the Season is Mark Richard Caswell’s rich, colorful costuming. The beautiful clothes and the evocative original music, provided by Matthew Applebaum and Michelle O’Connor, more than compensate for the small, bare stage. Eventually, everything comes right as in the original play - and the characters even learn a few unexpected lessons, the most important being that all dreams must end and "to not see truly is a waste." If you're a fan of the original play, it would be a waste to miss this blast of a follow-up. - Di Jayawickrema, Theatre Is Easy

Photos by J. Specland Photography.
  1. Michelle Ramoni as Titania, Clara Barton Green as Puck
  2. Michelle Ramoni as Titania, Ryan G. Metzger as Oberon, Tania Jeudy as Pumpkinseed, and Clara Barton Green as Puck

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